HUNTAIR ARABIA Wins $83M Contract in Saudi Arabia

Huntair Arabia, in a very tight bid competition, was awarded the full Air
Handling contact in November, 2008 for the King Abdullah University
of Science and Technology, (KAUST) beating out all USA, Canadian,
Middle East and European manufactures. The $83 million dollar
contract is touted as the single largest air handling and cleanroom
contract ever given to a sole air handling manufacturer for a project.
The order was originally planned to be split between 3 to 5 manufacturers
to support the volume, condensed delivery timeframe, and to
minimize risk to the KAUST owners.

Alessa Advanced Projects Company has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Eaton-Williams

Alessa Industries one of the leading integrated industrial groups in Saudi Arabia, today announced it has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Eaton-Williams, a leading British manufacturing company specialising in data centers and server room cooling solutions.
The agreement was signed by Engineer Nawaf Almasoud, President of Alessa Advanced Project Company and Managing Director of Huntair Arabia, and Dimitri Rocchiccioli, CEO of Eaton-Williams, in the presence of Dr. Abdullah Abdul Karim, Managing Director of Alessa Industries, as well as a number of senior officials from both companies. The MoU signing ceremony was held at the Alessa stand on the sidelines of the Big-5 2010 Show.

Big 5: Huntair-Alessa open Saudi Plant

Alessa Industries Group has signed a partnership agreement with US company Huntair to build a factory in Saudi Arabia for its air handling units (AHU).

Alessa manufactures fanwall technology, refrigeration compact central units and data centre cooling systems, and is running a workshop at the Big 5 between 3-4pm Wednesday 24 in the Ajman Hall on the second floor of the Dubai World Trade Centre.

HUNTAIR, Inc. and Climatecraft, Inc. Reach Agreement in Patent Infringment Suit

Tualatin, OR (January 21, 2009)—ClimateCraft, Inc. and HUNTAIR, Inc. have settled the pending litigation and entered into an agreement under which ClimateCraft will license HUNTAIR’s existing patents related to FANWALL® . ClimateCraft’s fan array products allow for fans to be turned off for safety, repair and maintenance purposes. ClimateCraft’s fan array products are not designed to turn individual fans on and off for the purpose of improving fan array efficiency, and ClimateCraft does not endorse turning individual fans on and off for the purpose of improving fan array efficiency. Any statement to the contrary is not supported by ClimateCraft. All other terms are confidential. Read More »

HUNTAIR Hires Director of Operations
Tualatin, OR (Dec. 8th, 2008)— HUNTAIR has recently added Garry Culbert to their team, to take the lead as Director of Operations.  A graduate of Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland, Garry earned his BS in Engineering before joining Carrier Corporation, a segment of United Technologies.  Garry’s experience with Carrier underscores a strong technical background in manufacturing – with emphasis on Lean Manufacturing, Plant Profitability, Overseas Experience, and Product Line Relocation and Management.
The addition of Garry to our management team comes at a time during which the national and global economies are experiencing significant change. As we look forward into 2009, Garry will provide additional resources and management skills to keep HUNTAIR competitive.