Project Portfolio Preview

Sutter Roseville Hospital Retrofit

At Sutter Roseville Hospital in California, HUNTAIR met the challenge of retrofitting their existing vaneaexial system with FANWALL TECHNOLOGY® while never shutting down the single fan system that supported 90% of the hospital.  The HUNTAIR FANWALL Retrofit allowed for quick installation with no downtime and no costly demolition.  The FANWALL units now supply 100% of the hospital that the previous system was unable to support at a 112 amp reduction, resulting in approximately $75,000 a year in energy savings.

Art Institute of Chicago - Chicago, IL

The Art Institute of Chicago has a total of 18 HUNTAIR FANWALL TECHNOLOGY® units installed and operational, with a total 178 fans and 665,000 CFM throughout.  Six of those 18 units are FANWALL TECHNOLOGY® retrofit air handlers that replaced 50 year old air handling units, ranging in size from 10,000-30,000 CFM with 3-6 fan arrays per unit.

University of Phoenix Stadium – Phoenix, AZ

The University of Phoenix Stadium, home of the Arizona Cardinals and Super Bowl XLII, was one of the earliest FANWALL TECHNOLOGY® installations.  There are 20 HUNTAIR FANWALL TECHNOLOGY® air handlers in operation, the largest being 132,000 CFM in size, with a total of 284 fans and 1.6 million CFM throughout the stadium.

Oregon Health & Sciences University – Portland, OR

Oregon Health and Sciences University is a world renowned teaching hospital and research center located on two campuses in Portland, Oregon.  They have several FANWALL TECHNOLOGY® units in use, including two FANWALL TECHNOLOGY® Retrofit units and 14 additional FANWALL air handlers.  Across five buildings they are operating almost 1 million CFM of FANWALL TECHNOLOGY® and have176 active fans in 14 units.

St. Luke’s Hospital – Aberdeen, SD

A FANWALL TECHNOLOGY® retrofit replaced a single fan AHU with no backup, housed in a hard to reach 2nd story mechanical room in a critical care area of Avera St. Luke’s Hospital in Aberdeen, South Dakota.  The FANWALL retrofit took place over one weekend when four fan cells were easily transported through the narrow hallways and up the elevator, and then assembled into the existing panels and frame, avoiding costly demolition and downtime.

Lutheran General Hospital – Chicago, IL

Lutheran General Hospital has eight HUNTAIR FANWALL units and 80 fans in operation in the Chicago, IL area.

Meridian Park Hospital – Portland, OR

Meridian Park Hospital in Tualatin, Oregon has multiple air handlers installed in its facilities, including a 13 fan retrofit unit installed in 2004.

Mission Bay – San Francisco, CA   

Mission Bay office in San Francisco, California is a six story 300,000 square foot waterfront office building that houses industry leading biotechnology firms.  There are three 228,000 CFM FANWALL TECHNOLOGY® air handling units serving the building.