Upgrading or replacing tired and obsolete air-handling equipment is now much easier with HUNTAIR FANWALL TECHNOLOGY®.  FANWALL® is modular by design and uses multiple, small diameter, high efficiency airfoil plenum fans.  Building structural modifications and the need for large rigging and handling equipment is often times completely eliminated with a FANWALL retrofit.  FANWALL® conveniently fits through standard doorways, roof hatches, tight hallway access, and elevators.  By increasing system efficiency and reducing energy usage, a FANWALL retrofit will significantly reduce your total cost of ownership and return your investment within the first few years of operation.

elevatorAvailable in sizes 500 to 400,000 cfm.

  • Low frequency sound reduction
  • Redundancy and reliability
  • Eliminates belts, sheave and bearing maintenance
  • Full range optimum motor efficiency
  • Uniform velocity profile greatly enhances airway tunnel component performance and increases system efficiencies