Heat Reclaim Units


are available in 9 basic sizes, ranging in capacity from 2,500 to 22,000 CFM combined exhaust and supply volumes.  Each unit is engineered and equipped to suit the specific operating conditions of each individual project. Other custom sizes are available for up to 100,000 CFM with heating and/or cooling capacities appropriate for any application.  Units may be configured with a variety of outside air, return air, and supply air damper options.  Multiple options of fan type, style, and discharge arrangement are available with inlet vanes, discharge dampers, or variable frequency drives for fan volume control.

The HRU can...

  • Save a large portion of the cost of energy needed to temper make-airduring the winter months
  • Pay back original cost of the HRU in two to five years.
  • Provide a significant return on differential costs vs. conventional MUA systems.
  • Minimize demand charges by utilities.


  • All Welded Heavy-Duty Structural Channel Iron Frame with Lifting Brackets.
  • Rigid Galvanized Panel Type Construction.
  • Powder Coated Exterior
  • Large Access Panels with Heavy-Duty Hinges and Latches.