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CDU Cooling Distribution Unit

ServerCool Server & Data Rack Cooling

Cooling mission-critical data centres presents a number of challenges. With the power and heat densities of blade servers continuing to rise, managing heat densities and minimising the energy used for cooling are the highest priorities in data centres followed by future-proofing and the ability to scale-up as the data centre evolves. ServerCool can deliver all these benefits and more, supported by an international service and maintenance team.

CDU Unit

ServerCool's Cooling Distribution Unit (CDU) can remove up to 305kW of heat from high density racks fitted with Rear Door Heat Exchangers (RDHx).This flexible system features patented dew point control, self-filling and venting capabilities with flexible communications

Our CDU was initially developed for IBM to work with its Cool Blue® and Dataplex® RDHx's, Eaton-Williams is the only CDU manufacturer specified worldwide by IBM in its RDHx planning guides.



Rear Door Heat Exchangers


SeverCool's RDHx systems can remove up to 55kW from a single rack at source.

They offer an easy to install replacement for standard rear doors enabling rapid retro-fitting for your growing or new data centre.




CDU Module

ServerCool's CDU Module is designed to provide close controlled cooling water for up to three RDHx's with a total maximum cooling capacity of 20kW. It is the ideal system to start a planned upgrade path and is particularly suitable where space is restricted.


Small Server Room Cooling

The Modular CDU combined with the RDHx offers the perfect solution for small IT installations. It can be installed within a standard rack; taking up just 6U of space so leaving room for the servers above. The CDU Module provides up to 20kW of cooling and can be connected to a maximum of three RDHx's. The room temperature is not critical to cooling the servers so the rack can stand in the corner of a room or even in a cupboard.

Our complete product range includes:

Cooling Distribution Units from 20kW to 305kW serving up to 30 rear door heat exchangers ,Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC) systems, floor grilles - passive and fan assisted, volume control dampers, passive and active rear door heat exchangers as well as comprehensive international installation, service and after sales support.

Key features

CDU (Cooling Distribution Unit)
§  305kW cooling for 4.4kW power
§  Redundancy
§  Fail-safe operation
§  Reliable heat transfer
§  Optional circuit filters
§  Low water volume and pressure
§  Highly secure leak prevention and detection
§  Easy to install
§  Dewpoint temperature control of cooling water
§  Full alarm monitoring and connectivity
§  Modbus + SNMPv3

Rear Door Heat Exchangers
§  Low water circuit volume and pressure
§  Fits industry standard racks
§  Slim design
§  Low air pressure drop
§  Easy access to IT equipment
§  Highly efficient heat removal at source