Coplanar Silencer™

sound testingThe HUNTAIR Coplanar Silencer™ provides up to a 20db reduction in fan sound power levels without adding any length to the system for attenuation devices, and maintains full fan efficiency.

In a HUNTAIR FANWALL® with Coplanar Silencer™ Technology, noise reduction is achieved by directing the sound wave through multiple layers of acoustically absorbent material between the multiple fans in the array. The noise generated by the plenum fans travels through these multiple tiers of the acoustical grid before reaching a reflective surface, such as the walls, roof or floor of the airway tunnel within the AHU.  Combined with higher blade pass frequencies, sound power level reductions are significant especially at low frequencies where sound is difficult to attenuate.  FANWALL® systems employing Coplanar Silencer™ Technology are characteristically free of turbulence and low frequency rumble typical of conventional fan systems.  

sound testing chart